Butch Rovan: Teaching at Brown University, 2004-2011

Music 21E: The Music of Everyday Objects (FY seminar)

music 21E

This first-year seminar asked students to investigate the sonic properties of everyday objects and environments, and how they can transform into musical expression. Through a focus on listening and experimentation, the seminar explored resonance, reverberation, field recording, feedback, circuit bending, archeological acoustics, and related topics. Students created individual and collaborative compositions and performance situations.

The goals of the course were to develop the students' powers of observation through listening and engagement with the very physical materials of sound; and to develop their creative abilities through hands-on engagement with the fundamentals of music-making: creating and playing their own unique musical instruments.









Two student Instruments (left = Melanie Berger, right = Tim Rovinelli)


diego garcia sarah mooney















Two student Instruments (left = Sarah Mooney, right = Diego Garcia)


marvin li lizzie kripke








Two student Instruments (left =Marvin Li, right = Elizabeth Kripke)


A video of the class working on electronic instrument projects, spring 2010.


music21E final concert

Class photo after final concert, spring 2010.









Class working on acoustic instrument projects, spring 2010.