Gray Code: Floating Point (Circumvention Music, 2010)

Fred Kennedy: drumset & percussion

Kevin Patton: guitar & electronics (TaurEx)

Butch Rovan: reeds & electronics (MiMICS)

Available on

Gray Code live at Pixilerations v.3. Click on the image to play video.

Gray Code’s unique style creates a sound that explores timbre, extended instrumental techniques, and the in’s and out’s of groove. At the heart of the trio’s music is the extension of instrumental sound through wireless sensor systems that track performance gestures. Modified instruments, custom-built by Rovan and Patton, allow the real-time control of sound synthesis through physical movement. These new technologies—together with traditional acoustic instrumental techniques—enable the trio to create atmospheric worlds in waves of rhythmic patterns that follow an unpredictable improvisatory logic.

Selected Performances

2010 Grant Recital Hall, Brown University, Providence, October.

2008 Bushwick Department of Public Works, Brooklyn, NY, July.
        Extensible Electric Guitar Festival, Clark University, April.
        University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, April.
        McGill University, Montreal, January.

2007 NIME International Conference, New York, June.
        Spark Festival, Minneapolis, February.

2006 The Knitting Factory, New York, December.
        Hell Gate Social, New York, November.
        Pixilerations V3, Providence, September.