GLOBE: gestural controller (2009 - present)

I built the GLOBE gestural controller after several years of performing with a custom-designed data glove. I had sometimes used a ball with the glove to provide an easy surface with which my hand could interact. With the GLOBE, my aim was to put all of the functionality of the glove controller—and several other features—inside the ball. I also wanted to create a wireless interface for the instrument. The project was a design challenge, because of the size constraints of the GLOBE’s dimensions.

The GLOBE features a ZigBee wireless transmitter, 4 FSR sensors, 1 3-axis accelerometer, 1 infrared proximity sensor, haptic feedback, and PWM-controlled internal LED lighting.


GLOBE assembled microcontroller core and schematic:








For an example of the GLOBE in action see of the survival of images.

Also, click image below to see a short demo video of the GLOBE.