Brown Alma Mater 250 (2015)

composed for the conclusion of Brown's 250th anniversary celebrations

Premier: May 24, 2015, Brown University Graduation Ceremony

A new Alma Mater for Brown University, composed by Butch Rovan for the 250th anniversary celebrations, using traditional lyrics along with new rap lyrics created by Sebastián Otero. Featuring the band Roomful of Blues along with solo vocalists Whitney White, Michael Jennings Mahoney, Andrew Polec, and Sebastián Otero. Also featuring Billy Finn, Elise Hudson, Ian McNeely, Max Wolkowitz on backup vocals. Horn arrangement by Rich Lataille and Butch Rovan.

Roomful of Blues is Chris Vachon (guitar), John Turner (bass), Rusty Scott (keyboards), Chris Rivelli (drums), Rich Lataille (tenor sax), Mark Earley (bari sax), and Doug Woolverton (trumpet). Recorded and mixed by James Moses at the MEME studios, Brown University.

STUDIO RECORDING (recorded MEME studios, May 23, 2015):


LIVE PERFORMANCE (Brown graduation, May 24, 2015):