Band Projects

The Jitters, Seventh Apartment, Aimee Chant, Winter in May, and more...

I've finally decided to bring my rock band playing career out of the closet and onto my website. Here you'll find recordings and other info on my many band projects.

The Jitters

The Jitters were an amazing band we put together in the early 1980s. It grew out of an early quartet briefly called "The Secrets." We added a horn section and percussionist, and it took off from there. We played all of the clubs in Orange County and L.A., often renting busses to take our Orange County and Riverside fans to clubs in L.A. such as Madame Wongs (West and East). A favorite venue of ours was The Golden Bear in Huntington Beach. Here are a few recordings:

The Jitters: We're Only Human

The Jitters: Happy Hour


Need to add a list of band personnel.

More coming on the other bands... this is just a start.